Retail Channel Member

Requisition #FCJ0001

Brief summary of the position

The Retail Channel Member will be in charge of customer service, sales and provide support to others business areas. You will be in charge of facilitating an exceptional customer service experience.

Please read to job description below before applying.

You will need a Gmail account to upload your resumé when you apply. If you do not have one, you can also apply by email and attach your resumé.

Roles and Duties of the Position

On a regular basis you will...

● meet and greet our customers that arrive at the store following the established customer greeting protocols.

● assist customers with products and services that interests them and make recommendations when necessary.

● promote the sale of flower arrangements, vases and products/services in general.

● take orders taking into consideration products/services availability and the needs of the customer.

● take orders over the phone and coordinate deliveries.

● process orders using the POS system.

● be responsible with the cash register.

● be up-to-date in latest company news in regards to seasonal flowers and plants, as well as existing a new products in the company.

● restock products throughout the store following our aesthetics.

● clean and dust display cabinets, shelves, and tables.

● clean vases and buckets.

● change the water of the flowers.

make sure that plants, perishable, and preserved products are in optimum condition.

● be aware of the store's website and help customers navigate through it when necessary.

● assist in taking photos of different products.

● create content and reply to messages on social media following the company's social media policy and service standards.

● comply with and enforce the security protocols of the store.

● be vigilant to recognize security and theft risks.

● perform the facilites cleaning protocols in the different assigned areas.

● perform the shift side job assigned.

Periodically, you will...

● make quotes at the request of Management.

● send proposals authorized by the management via email.

● tag the products with their corresponding price following the list given by the management.

● set in order merchandise in the warehouse.

● clean and organize the warehouse.

● thoroughly clean closed drawers and compartments in the work area.

● rearrange the layout of the store.

Eventually, you will...

● assist Flower & Plant Factory Members in making products and arrangements.

● represent the company in corporate events or commercial activities.

Includes the previous, although other duties may be assigned.


You will use a POS system, electronic inventory system, label printer, barcode readers, ladders, phones, computers, tablets, and other tools provided by the company.

Job Specifications

Education and Experience

● Preferable experience in sales to the High-End market.

● High School Diploma required. It's a plus if you have higher education credits.

● Skills in cash register management.

● Knowledge of plants and flower arrangements.

● High degree of judgment, confidentiality and organization.

● Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

● Capable of handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

● Service oriented.

● Good memory and attention to detail.


● Live the Flower's Culture. Understand our mission, values, attributes and why the company exists.

Procure that every being that engages with Flower's Culture has an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

Working Conditions


Mainly, you will work standing up in a well-lit environment and will be in constant contact with natural flowers, water, other organic matter, sharp objects, glass objects and with the guests visiting the store. Also, as part of your job, you will occasionally be in contact with fertilizers, sprays, glue and will have to raise your arms above your head, bend over, use ladders, as well as lift, push and carry items and boxes weighing up to 50 pounds.

Physical Demands

  • Visual: a lot

  • Physical: moderate

  • Mental: a lot

  • Auditory: moderate

Risks: Few

* Reasonable accommodation will be made in case of individuals who require it as part of a disability, provided that they can carry out the essential tasks of the position.

General Requirements of the Position

Ability to provide excellent customer service and drive sales.

● Basic math, geometry and metric measurement skills.

● High degree of confidentiality, ethics and judgment.

● Ability to pay attention to details.

● Ability to work with minimal supervision.

● Good verbal and written communication for effective team work and task assignments.

● Optimum knowledge of the products offered by the store.

● Positive attitude towards work and towards people.